The Waterfront

My friend Jordi spent 9 years in New York, and remarked that Barcelona had changed dramatically during that time. Much of it was due to the 1992 Olympics. This neighborhood hosted the Olympics, and an Olympic village was built here. While the village itself looks like public housing (and now is), it did revitalize a no-go area.

We took a relaxing day by the water, with thousands of other yelling, screaming and relaxing people. We were eased back into reality when we found that the car had a ticket under the wiper.

Click for a larger version Aerial antics

Two guys came to the beach to show off their parachute contraptions, and to make lawnmower noises from overhead. It would have been even more entertaining had they stubbed their noses on the building.

Click for a larger version Alejandro

One of my hosts, and possibly the nicest kid I've ever met.

"Why is that guy always taking pictures?"

Click for a larger version Malecón

A drive away from the crazy beach, something more tranquil. Before you jump to conclusions, malecón translates as "jetty", though as a city boy, I wouldn't have known a jetty from an abominable snowman.

Click for a larger version Buoy

Obviously enjoying its solitude.

Click for a larger version Sailboats

A bit of tranquility in the distance.