Jury duty, day one

My first day of jury duty in Brooklyn. Some observations:

  1. The jury people may be slow on the uptake, but they make up for that on the intake. There were 600 other people with me. We thought we were victims of circumstance, but the judge who welcomed us said it was an "ahnna to soive".
  2. The judge asked if there was anyone who doesn't understand English. 200 people who heard this immediately stampeded the bench without hesitation.
  3. They waste no time when it comes to wasting your time. I was immediately sent on a personal injury case. (The sign pointed us to "Room's 101 to 105".) I was then examined by 5 lawyers who actually asked if I had any feelings about elevators.
  4. I found out that Brooklyn civil law differs from Manhattan civil law in several key respects.

But, at least Downtown Brooklyn has a lot to offer the tourist. As you know, lunch hour lasts an hour and a half.  One can take in all of the cultural, culinary and sensory attractions that are unknown even across the river. The continent of Brooklyn!

First on any list, of course, is the food. Today's lunch: fried whiting. 3 fillets plus bread for $2.25. (The optional Alka Seltzer was extra.)  It was actually pretty good, and blew away the bottom limit on the Stein scale, which is summed up by the equation: "Bueno, barato, bastante." Tomorrow's lunch will be at a restaurant called "Island Quizine". Not only do they have the usual oxtails on the menu, but they also have video tapes. (TV dinner?)

The Fulton Mall exudes fashion. Yes, there's Macy's nearby, but for Macy's you could just as easily go to Texas. Where else could you find ready-made gold nameplates that say "Kyesha" and "Wanda"?  Today's find: two-tone black and white wing-tipped shoes. The attention I'm going to get when I'm back at work! I'll be compiling a guide for anyone who needs some style tips.

And this doesn't even mention the art, learning and letters that one can find. The Polytechnic is somewhere around there, but today's choice for erudition is definitely The Wilfred Academy of Beauty. The professors are world-class, and have more to say about Cosmetology than Steven Hawking. Hats off!