On the border with Queens and accessible only by the 'G' train, Greenpoint is the next best thing to Poland. The neighborhood went through a revival in the 80's and 90's. The main shopping street is kind of cramped and squalid, but the houses on the side are quite nice. There are lots of Polish shops, and surprisingly, the Thai Cafe, voted best Thai restaurant in Brooklyn.

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St. Anthony's of Padua

Something out of Hansel and Gretel. I had thought this was a Polish church, but got several corrections by astute readers.

Click for a larger version Dutch Reformed Church

A stone's throw from St. Anthony's, though as austere as you can get. From an earlier period in Greenpoint's history.

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A typical Greenpoint street.

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Another Greenpoint church

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Side street

Composed of buildings from about 1860, with embellishments. Note the aluminum siding, and the ridged metal awnings.