The Cuzco Area

Leaving Cuzco we went in a corkscrew direction up the mountains, on our way to Pisac and Sacasyhuaman.

Click for a larger version Cuzco from the mountains

Show a Peruvian a mountain and he'll carve something on it, whether it's writing, steps or terraces. It's common to see grass on the highway clipped in the shape of letters --  "Eat at Joe's"

Click for a larger version Christ statue

Looking down on Cuzco, a copy of one in Brazil. I called him "Yeso Cristo"  (plaster Christ) and got some filthy looks.

Click for a larger version Biddies with llamas

Not only are they charming tour bus greeters, but they're also professional models -- they charge to have their picture taken.

Click for a larger version Later on

Between Pisac and Sacsayhuaman we stopped in this small village for tea. This good-natured kid was passing by, and didn't mind being set upon by tourists.