Sacsayhuaman is a large fortress. The stones are laid out in a jagged design over three levels. The effect is that it's impossible to approach any wall without exposing your back. Manco Inca was defeated here by Pizarro in 1535.

Click for a larger version Interlocking stones

The larger stones are on the bottom. Each stone is carved to fit the others neatly, and no cement is used. Say what you want about autocracy, but the job gets done! Each stone must have taken someone years to carve (not that they complained).

Click for a larger version Larger than a hat

At the time I was hugely annoyed that these people wouldn't get out of the picture. But the heads are a good guide to the size of the carved stones.

Click for a larger version Rodadero

Opposite the stones. A bit of mystery as to what the purpose was behind this.

Click for a larger version Jorge

A fellow tourist from Lima.

Click for a larger version Jorge and Carmen

Great travel companions. Both had their origins in Cuzco but grew up in Lima. In school they had studied everything about the area and knew every stone.

Another fort

Going back in the evening. Our arrival was timely -- it interrupted the tour guide's very tedious monologue about the possible use of terra cotta in Inca sanitary habits.