One of the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon. It's a nice climb, and there are Moorish remnants such as the Castelo de São Jorge, which is a huge, medieval castle. Even the name "Alfama" sounds Moorish. Near the water there are folk musicians dressed in black capes, and local places advertise fado, which is Portugal's answer to the Blues. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to hear fado, but I did buy records of Amalia Rodrigues after I got home.

We also witnessed a religious procession outside the castle, though I wasn't rude enough to push people out of the way for a good photo.

Click for a larger version Alfama

In the middle left is a smidgeon of the Sé, or city cathedral, which was built in 1150 after recapturing Lisbon from the Moors.

The buildings are fronted with tile.

Click for a larger version Castelo de São Jorge

A Moorish citadel, the castle was home of the Portuguese kings from 1147 to 1511. Nowadays it's empty (except for hordes of tourists, and the peacocks they have running around there).

Click for a larger version Moody view
Click for a larger version Howling granny with motorcycle

Behind the castle. This lady had serious issues with the motorcycle, though it's anybody's guess what they were. One thing for certain, she's got a set of lungs.

Click for a larger version View of Lisbon

Taken from a somewhat different part of the city, though also up the hill.