Lisbon: Aquarium

The usual bent is to look at old buildings and museums when touring. This side of Lisbon is decidedly modern, but well worth the visit. The aquarium was built for Expo '98, and is beautifully designed, with a huge, open tank at the center that can be viewed at different levels.

There are various buildings connected with the exposition, including a large gallery. That day there was a photo exhibition of Sebastião Salgado called "Exodus", which dealt with refugees from all over the world.

For the less educationally energized, there's a shopping mall (which you could say is a sort of museum with takeaway).

Click for a larger version Underground station roof

Everything in this area is brand new.

Click for a larger version Flags

Perhaps they were expecting some visitors?

Click for a larger version Marina with cable cars
Click for a larger version A glorious day by the water
Click for a larger version The aquarium

Beautifully done.