Beijing - Beihai Park

Beihai Park is another royal park, and like the Summer Palace, it quite idyllic.

Click for a larger version The Marquis of Shade

Apparently the emperor had enough time on his hands that he could go around naming trees. I liked the name of this tree, since it reminded me of a certain French nobleman.

Click for a larger version Porcelain Buddhas

On the side of a tower

Click for a larger version Bridge

Not Beihai Park, but the house of Mrs. Sun Yat-sen. By the way, I recently read a book on China that (correctly, I suppose) renders his name as Sun Yixian. It took me a while. That Jiang Jieshi is also Chang Kai-shek I found a bit far-fetched!

Click for a larger version White Dagoba

In Beihai Park. A Buddhist-inspired building.